Jan 03 The ASEAN Insurance Pulse 2018 - Key findings 0

In the latest issue of Insurance, a magazine published by the Malaysian Insurance Institute, Kai-Uwe Schanz shares the key findings of the ASEAN Insurance Pulse 2018, which offers an authoritative overview of the current state and future prospects of the region’s US$28 billion non-life insurance markets. It also takes the pulse of key insurance executives on protection gaps and their implications for the region’s insurance markets and economies.

Dec 20 Harnessing technology for new healthcare propositions in emerging markets 0

Technology can address some of the biggest healthcare challenges in emerging markets such as prohibitive cost, poor quality of data and services, insufficient access and low awareness, says Dr Kai-Uwe Schanz of Dr. Schanz, Alms & Company.

Jun 15 Protection gaps in healthcare: A global view 0

Dr. Kai-Uwe Schanz of Dr. Schanz, Alms & Company explains why protection gaps in healthcare are particularly difficult to quantify – and ventures to gauge the size of the shortfall.

May 15 Entender y Solucionar las Brechas en el Aseguramiento Mundial 0

The Geneva Association ofrece una cuantificación actualizada de las brechas en el aseguramiento de catástrofes naturales, cibernética, cuidados de la salud y pensiones. Las exposiciones a los riesgos -impulsadas por la digitalización, la urbanización y el cambio climático, como así también por la acumulación y la concentración de valor- tienden a sobrepasar a las primas de seguro dejando infraseguradas a las personas, los hogares, las empresas y el sector público. Sobre esto escribe Kai-Uwe Schanz, Asesor Senior de The Geneva Association, en el presente artículo.

May 11 Understanding and addressing global insurance protection gaps 0

Dr Kai-Uwe Schanz of The Geneva Association offers an updated quantification of protection gaps in the areas of Nat CAT, cyber, healthcare and pension risk. Risk exposures, driven by digitisation, urbanisation and climate change, as well as value accumulation and concentration, tend to outgrow insurance premiums, leaving individuals, households, firms and the public sector alike underinsured.

May 07 Barometer findings: Positive signs 0

Messrs Henner Alms and Andreas Bollmann of Dr. Schanz, Alms & Company, which authored the Africa Insurance Barometer on behalf of the AIO, share some of their takes on the African insurance industry in light of this year’s Barometer outcomes.

May 04 Disruption in insurance – The tale of the naked emperor 0

Dr Kai-Uwe Schanz of Dr. Schanz, Alms & Company cautions against the disruption debate raging across the global insurance landscape taking on a life of its own. Time to pause, recap a few facts and question a few things.

Apr 04 Maintaining insurers’ relevance in the digital age 0

In his contribution to the March edition of Middle East Insurance Review, Dr Kai-Uwe Schanz of Dr. Schanz, Alms & Company argues that in order to maintain its relevance the insurance industry must come to grips with cyber risk.

Dec 15 Insurance view of Nobel Economics Prize 0

Behavioural economics can be harnessed by regulators and insurers to “nudge” customers towards making better buying decisions, argues Dr. Kai-Uwe Schanz of Dr. Schanz, Alms & Company.

Dec 01 What insurance executives expect from the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) 0

The following article is based on the recently launched ASEAN Insurance Pulse 2017, prepared by Dr Schanz, Alms & Company and exclusively sponsored by Malaysian Re. Based on in-depth interviews with executives from 35 companies and organisations from 8 different ASEAN countries, Dr Kai-Uwe Schanz of Dr Schanz, Alms & Company and Mr Wan Murezani Wan Mohamad from MNRB Holdings Berhad, summarise the insurance-specific opportunities and challenges anticipated from AEC.