Dr. Schanz, Alms & Company launches the 4th Africa Reinsurance Pulse

Friday 04.10.2019 // Newsletter

This year’s Africa Reinsurance Pulse, sponsored by the African Insurance Organisation, Africa Re, Continental Re and Tunis Re, reflects a slightly more bearish outlook on the continent’s reinsurance industry by the region’s reinsurance executives. Declining rates and rising claims weigh on the profitability of the African reinsurance markets with a current premium volume of roughly US$ 7.5 billion.

For further information on the Africa Reinsurance Pulse 2019 please click here.

We are grateful for the opportunity to again present the Africa Reinsurance Pulse at the 24th AIO Reinsurance Forum, which took place from 29 September to 2 October in Tunis, Tunisia. Andreas Bollmann shared the survey’s key findings with the delegates.

Here an impression of the launch presentation.

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