Geneva Association health protection gap research paper published

Friday 29.03.2019 // Newsletter

Authored by Kai-Uwe Schanz, part-time Research Director at The Geneva Association, an in-depth investigation into health protection gaps in emerging markets was recently published by The Geneva Association, the CEO think-tank of the global insurance industry.

This research piece discusses health protection gaps in emerging markets and various funding options (including private health insurance). It also elaborates on the role of digitalisation in addressing these gaps. As you will see, the shortfalls are massive – and rapidly growing. The Geneva Association estimates the health protection gap in emerging markets to exceed USD 300 billion per annum, equivalent to about 1% of these countries’ combined GDP.

Access the paper HERE.

View two YouTube clips with the author:

Insurers may be underestimating health protection gaps in emerging markets (3:32)
Health protection gaps in emerging markets: the role of private health insurance (3:47)

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